A Young Wombat Named Benson

Stories for bedtime or any time, for children and young readers, about a young wombat named Benson. Short or long, depending on how much time you have to spend. Read aloud, listen or read to your favourite friend.

You’ll also occasionally find here Stories for Another Day, a new collection of stories about princesses, adventurers, pilgrims, toads and heroes. Read and let your imagination go!

Garth and Shanama

Stories for Another Day Garth and Shanama were the children of the Dharab, the dragon-slayer and Eva, his wife, who was known across the seven secluded kingdoms as a healer. The children were born within the same hour on the same day, just as the morning star was rising. They grew together and played together…

The Winged Tiger

Stories for Another Day In a land far away there is a place where three great rivers come together at the edge of the sea. Mangrove trees grow in the rivers and their roots grow upwards like black fingers in a sea of mud. One day, a long way upriver, a melon fell off the…

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