Aunt Moss’s Toothache

Once there was a young wombat called Benson, who lived in a nice hole in the ground with his mother and his two aunts, Lillibet and Moss.

Aunt Moss had a toothache. She went to the dentist, and when she came home her mouth was sore and she couldn’t eat properly. “Poor dear,” said Benson’s mother. “I’ll make you a nice cup of tea.”

Moss tried drinking the tea. “Ow, too hot!” she said. She couldn’t really talk properly either.

“What about some ice-cream?” Benson’s mother said.

Benson stopped what he was doing and came over to the table.

The ice-cream was too cold. “Ow, too cold!” Aunt Moss said. She pushed the bowl away. Benson quietly got a spoon.

“If Aunt Moss doesn’t want it, maybe I should eat it,” he said.

His mother said, “Of course, dear. What about a nice soft banana, Moss?”

The banana wasn’t soft enough. “Ow, too hard,” said Moss. She gave the banana to Benson.

“I’ve got some lovely pumpkin soup on the stove,” said Benson’s mother. “Try some.”

The soup was still too hot. “Hot, hot!” said Aunt Moss. It wasn’t too hot for Benson, it was just right.

“I know, what about a strawberry smoothie?” said Benson’s mother. “You love strawberry smoothies.”

Aunt Moss nodded. But as soon as she tried some of the smoothie, she complained again, “Too cold! Ow!”

Benson loved strawberry smoothies too. It was perfect.

“I don’t know what else to give you,” said Benson’s mother. “Hot chocolate would be too hot, and iced chocolate would be too cold.”

“What about a piece of chocolate?” Benson asked.

“Too hard,” Aunt Moss and his mother said together. Benson was disappointed. Then he had an idea.

“What about some nice warm custard? Not too hot, not too cold, not too hard.”

His mother smiled. Aunt Moss smiled. “What a good idea!” Benson’s mother said. She made some custard and let it cool a little, so it was just warm. Aunt Moss tried it.

“Perfect,” she said. She ate some of it, then she stopped. “What I really want is a nice cup of tea.” The tea in her cup had been there so long it had just about gone cold. Aunt Moss tried a sip. “Ah, perfect!” she said.

“Can I have the rest of your custard?” Benson said.

“Of course, dear,” Aunt Moss said. Benson ate the custard, while Aunt Moss drank her tea. Benson’s mother had the rest of the strawberry smoothie. “Mmm, perfect,” she said, and Benson and Aunt Moss agreed.

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