Once there was a young wombat named Benson, who lived in a comfortable wombat hole with his mother, and his two aunts, Lillibet and Moss.

Benson had to have an injection, with a needle, to make sure he didn’t get a disease that could make him very sick. His mother and Aunt Lillibet and Aunt Moss all went with him to see the doctor who was going to give him the injection with the needle.

Aunt Moss said, “Now, Benson, dear, you shouldn’t be the least bit worried. It will all be over in a minute and it will hardly hurt at all.”

Aunt Lillibet said, “A big boy like you wouldn’t make a fuss about a tiny little prick with a needle, would you?”

Benson’s mother said, “I’m sure they rub something on it so it doesn’t hurt at all.”

“We can put ice on it when we get home,” Lillibet said.

“He can have some of that nice pink medicine,” Aunt Moss said.

“I’m sure he won’t need any medicine,” Benson’s mother said. “It will be fine. It will be over before he knows it.”

“I brought some cherries to give him afterwards as a special treat for being a brave boy,” Aunt Moss said.

The doctor called them in next.

Benson’s mother said, “If you feel a bit funny at all, just sit down for a few minutes and it will be fine.”

Aunt Moss said, “Should I get him a drink of water?”

Lillibet said, “Stop fussing! You’re just making him more worried.”

Benson wasn’t worried at all. He’d had needles before and they didn’t hurt a bit. The last time he had one, when he fell over and cut himself badly, he didn’t even feel it. He smiled at the doctor.

“Well, young man, are you ready?” the doctor asked.

Benson nodded. The doctor gave him the injection. Benson felt a tiny sting, and then something cold and then it was over. The doctor said, “That’s over. Well done, young man.”

Benson’s mother felt a bit funny. “I think I’d like to sit down,” she said.

“Should I get you a drink of water?” said Aunt Moss.

Benson said, “Aunt Moss, give her some cherries. That might make her feel better.”

The doctor said, “Is everything all right?”

Benson said, “She’ll be fine in a minute. She just doesn’t like needles.”

As soon as they got home, Aunt Moss brought Benson’s mother a glass of water, and Aunt Lillibet made her a cup of tea and they all sat down and ate the cherries together.

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